Backpack that swings to the front and stays straped to your back

WolffepackA backpack is a very handy tool: you can carry everything necessary with you, it is comfortable on your back and you have both hands free to do important things, such as:

  • hold children on your hands – and keep them under control
  • unfold the city map to it’s full extend and study it
  • make a phone call and take some notes at the same time
  • quickly get the ticket out of the machine and run to fetch the bus
  • or just simply get something quickly out of it.

Almost as important as these little personal issues, is how we interact with our environment. How often did a backpack hit us in the stomach because the wearer forgot his oversize? It may even have hit children on their heads. Or you make a big mess in a supermarket, because while passing the huge pyramid with tins, the bag touches it… Continue reading

Everything fits – but how?

On the way to school and kindergarden, children are true explorers. They may hunt wild animals in the park, discover new species in the stream, climb enormous mountains no one has crested before or spy on secret paths nobody knows about – these are the fun adventures our children encounter everyday.

A new generation school bag can be worn close on the back without being in the way. A properly fitted bag also helps to distribute weight on the back more evenly without overloading the child. Your child can participate in all of the adventures on the way to or from school in a relaxed and comfortable manner with a well fitting school bag. Continue reading

The new TwinkleKids are here

2013-09-20 10.23.29_kleinFinally, I received many of the new Twinkle-Kid hats with reflective bobbles. You still have to be a bit patient before you can find them in the Shop. There are so many variations that I have to re-think the presentation in the shop. I am going through the podcasts lecture to learn how best to do that. :-)

Currently, we still have some of previous year’s collection available in the shop. If you cannot wait, then please send me an email.



Bending down once…

BAM …the school bag falls on the head. This is what often happens to the kids on their way to or from school.
Once, my son discovered a small animal down in the grass. He bent down to look at it – with an ergobag on his back. The backpack was sitting firmly on his back and did not move the slightest bit in an uncomfortable position.

In the mean time he takes a feature like this for granted.